Stick Figures

By David Hicks | Paperback


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Binding: Paperback
ISBN 13 9780646418902
ISBN 10 0646418904

Title: Stick figures : a celebration of Australian drummers in the studio.
Author: Hicks, David
Format/Binding: Soft cover
Book Condition: New 
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Publisher: David Hicks
Place of Publication: Selby
Date Published: 2002

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The book also reveals the challenges for recording drummers as the recording industry evolved in Australia, starting with the transition from jazz to rock styles in the 1950s. As well, each drummer shares the personal and musical insights which have helped them cope with the challenges and pressures of the recording studio.

The book features:

  • Stewart Speer, legendary Max Merritt & the Meteors stalwart
  • Darryn Farrugia, Ex-Hey Hey It’s Saturday & contemporary jazz /funk stylist, currently touring with Eurogliders, Cat Empire
  • Andrew Gander, the amazing musician, performed with James Morrison, Steve Vizard and Roy & H.G’s TV variety shows, etc.
  • Mark Kennedy, put Oz drummers on the world stage with Ayers Rock, Renee Geyer, Long Way to the Top tour, Leo Sayer
  • Graham Morgan, the most recorded drummer in Oz history
  • Gordon Rytmeister, journeyman who has performed with so many, from Tom Burlinson through to TV’s Australian Idol
  • John Watson, best known for his hard-hitting style with James Reyne

Each drummer’s chapter has an interview with photos, transcriptions and analysis, equipment details, and discography. As well as drummers, the book suits readers looking for insights into studio recording and improving performance skills. Join institutions such as Adelaide Conservatorium, University of Queensland, Melb. Polytechnic, Eastern Region Libraries, and many secondary colleges  using this resource with their students. It also has relevance to most Year 12 music investigation curriculums.

The author is well-known Melbourne percussionist/educator David Hicks.

Many people approach playing drums in the recording studio with trepidation. It’s useful to gain insight from seasoned professionals on how to prepare. That’s where “Stick Figures” is an ideal resource.

Since it features transcriptions of songs by major artists, then reveals in the interviews how each drummer achieved excellence, it is pitched at the intermediate to the advanced level reader.

The book is 132 pages with a full colour cover and CD featuring the original recordings from each drummer. Music can also be sourced from Youtube. RRP $49.

ISBN 0-646-41890–4ing


“ I wanted to come back and thank you for sending through your wonderful book. I can see the scholarship that has gone into it, with each musician’s background, some pointers to the personal and the professional, their interviews, and some guidance on notation and playing. I am somewhere into Mark Kennedy’s chapter and have yet to get to the CD. I will do that to accompany the second read. I imagine and hope that your book is used as a text in music courses, even though technology constantly changes the contemporary musical experience. There is much wisdom within these interviews and observations.
I am not a studio drummer at all, and it is unlikely that I will ever do anything serious in a studio, but am still a keen practitioner of the dark arts of drumming. I love it. I came across your book quite by accident in an online search, saw that it included Darren Farrugia, Andrew Gander and Mark Kennedy and thought, ‘gee, I have to get this’. It was a very quick and good decision. It was a nice touch for you to send me an email confirmation and include a note inside the book, too. Much appreciated, thank you.”

Graeme James, 2023 Drums with “SJS