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7 Top Australian Studio Drummers Share Their Pro Tips and recording Secrets

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To excel as a studio drummer, you need mastery of your drum kit, rock-solid timing, knowledge of music styles, the ability to follow instructions, calmness under pressure, and a sense of humor.
Here, read the stories of Australian legendary studio drummers as they reveal their secrets and practical tips.


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Ever have a question about studio drumming? Click here to have all of your studio drumming FAQs answered by author, drum educator and 50+ year pro drummer, David Hicks.

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Studio drumming secrets from the best drummers in the recording business. Read their profiles, stories in the studio and discover their pro tips and drum set ups in the recording studio.


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A Celebration of 7 of Australia's most celebrated studio drummers. From the hey day of recording sessions in the 50s and 60s, read the stories from the drummers that often did 4-5 recording sessions per day

Unlock the hidden treasures of studio drumming as we delve into the depths of little-known secrets.

Unravel the enigmatic world of studio drumming and find answers to frequently asked questions about the craft.

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David Hicks

Stick Figures

The only book written about Australian studio drummers. This book is featured in national libraries and studied in educational institutions


“I think this is excellent! Well put together with all the bio and educational stuff! There is so much here to learn from and be inspired! I have always been very moved by the Australian drummers. It is humbling to hear them all. Now the world gets to hear! ...some really great music. The variety is HUGE! I play this all the time in my car!”
Dom Famularo
"Informative background information, drum set ups and interview snippets on each musician. CD enabling the reader to dissect transcriptions, and hear just why these musicians are held in such high regard essential reading for anyone even vaguely into the art of drumming."
Australian Musician Magazine

Australian Studio Drummers

These studio drummers have recorded 100’s if not thousands of recordings for international and Australian artists, music for film, TV commercials, TV shows and their own recording projects.

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