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Ben Todd Interviews Danny Farrugia, Gareth Thomson

If you’re looking for inspiration and tips from some of the best in the recording business, check out Ben Todd’s website (, and the great podcasts therein –

On his “Drummers Perspective” Youtube channel there’s also an interview with one of the drummers from Stick Figures Drum Book, Darryn Farrugia –

But today’s focus are two of Melbourne’s most active session/live drummers – Danny Farrugia and Gareth Thomson.

Danny Farrugia

Danny Farrugia is one of the most in-demand drummers on the live touring scene right now, playing with everyone from The Cat Empire to Tina Arena, The Bamboos, Angus and Julia Stone and many more. Danny has also established an incredible home recording facility, where he records drum tracks for many major releases.

Danny Farrugia Home Studio Setup

Enjoy hearing Danny’s advice on getting a home recording space up and running, as well as how he approaches balancing touring work, recording work and family life. I’m sure you will see he is a modest but meticulous professional, with an openness that helps him fit easily into any musical situation.

Gareth Thomson

Gareth Thomson, originally from Melbourne, Australia, began his musical journey as a drummer, playing with bands like Sex on Toast, Kylie Auldist, and Seth Sentry. He has now transitioned into the realm of mixing and producing.

Gareth embodies the essence of what Drummer’s Perspective aims to highlight: drummers and percussionists leveraging their drumming expertise as a foundation to thrive in other areas of the music industry.

Now based in Saigon, Vietnam, Gareth has worked on remarkable releases as a mixer and producer, and continues to do so.

Mixing & Producing with Gareth Thomson

In this interview, I talk with Gareth about his initial interest in mixing and producing, how he acquired his mixing skills while continuing to develop as a drummer, and his advice for drummers who wish to delve into mixing and production. He also shares valuable practice exercises for drummers that, from a producer’s perspective, are beneficial for recording drums.

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