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Studio Drummers Can Learn So Much From Lee Sklar

Rick Beato interview with living legend Lee Sklar

Drummers can also learn a lot from the experiences of non-drummers. Be sure to watch all of this Rick Beato interview with living legend Lee Sklar. If you don’t know who he is, search for his discography. Of course you already know every drummer has to have a brotherly musical relationship with bassists. My favourite story here is Lee’s reveal about playing at the Grammys live TV broadcast. Now that’s Pressure! 

I also love the way his maturity and sense of fun shows through.  There is a wonderful story about how experienced musicians can save a lot of time in the studio. Their collaboration often assists the creative process, more than just hired hands who simply play what they are told.  Sometimes those years of learning are taken for granted!

When The Music Comes FIrst

Another sentiment Lee expresses is the maturity to know when to recommend another musician who might play (what the producer wants) better (in Lee’s case, double bass). This is similar to Jeff Porcaro’s advice in his instructional videos. Also note how Rick’s questions really hit the mark. What a great interviewer. 

Tips On Foldback Choices

Note there are valuable technical hints, such as whether to use in-ear monitors or foldback speakers on stage. In the studio Lee mentions how he prefers to be near his amp, to feel the air from his speakers.

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